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Grindr: The ethics behind the ‘right now’ tradition

Grindr: The ethics behind the ‘right now’ tradition

Established during 2009 to initially blended reviews, Grindr – the ‘dating’ app for gay men – has quickly develop into a trend, reporting in 2014 to currently have over 10-million active users in over 190 countries, most popularly in the usa and British.

Any individual, nonetheless, would inform you that a ‘dating’ app is an inadequate and deceptive description associated with software. While, admittedly, some males do get relationships and times from the application (including myself), its main usage happens to be a way of obtaining ‘right now’ sex: a no-strings-attached encounter that is sexual there’s absolutely no requirement to band when you look at the early early early morning. Probably one of the most worrying implications of Grindr’s exploding appeal is this advertising of ‘Right Now’ tradition, which will be much more clearly obtained than on straight dating apps like Tinder ( where you need certainly to ‘match’ before you also content somebody).

Exactly what are the implications with this “right now” tradition?

Firstly, it impacts perceptions regarding the homosexual community both externally and internally. Proof shows that both the gay community, along with outside observers, s ee homosexual guys especially as ‘sex obsessed’ with alcohol being an essential part of the scene that is gay. As Wigel place it, it’s clear that right dating apps like Tinder don’t have actually this ‘right now’ element as straight guys are not too sex obsessed, and we also are left that is asking don’t more right partners want to buy? (Or how come numerous homosexual people?!)

I will be unconvinced. While sex may gain value when you are emotionally packed, this does maybe maybe not prima facia suggest it loses value by devoid of it. Continue reading Grindr: The ethics behind the ‘right now’ tradition